How our Caravan Storage Works

How it works

Using our Northants Caravan Storage site near Wellingborough is simple…

We have a secure collection/drop-off area on our site which is located just 3 miles outside of Wellingborough. You will be instructed to leave your caravan here in the designated caravan parking area and give us any hitch lock or wheel lock ('AL-KO Secure' wheel locks are not accepted). We will then tow it into the storage area with our 4×4 and lock it up for you.

When you are ready to use your caravan, just give us 2 days notice and we’ll ensure your caravan is brought out on to the collection area and is ready for you to just hitch up and go! We require collection requests by 12:00 on the Thursday for any collections on Friday or the weekend.

As the collection/drop off area is accessible 24/7 you may collect and drop off your caravan anytime

Our caravan collection area is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can collect and return your caravan anytime.

We recommend that you provide us with either a wheel clamp (Not an AL-KO axle lock) or a towbar lock for your caravan (along with a spare key) for an added security measure. We will ensure your locks are put on after we move your caravan into our caravan storage area.