How long have you been offering caravan storage?
We have owned the site for 13 years and have been offering caravan storage for over 11 years

How secure is your site?
The caravan compound is fenced and has a 1.8m-wide ditch around its perimeter. It is kept locked at all times. A further two gates to the whole site are locked in the evening. 34 CCTV cameras and floodlighting protect the site 24 hours a day.

Can I access my caravan at anytime?
It is possible to collect/return your caravan whenever you want during the week, but we do require 2 days notice for Friday/Weekend collections.

Will I have a key to the compound?
In order to keep the site as secure as possible, we do not give out keys to the compound itself. This also ensures that only we move the caravans and no “accidents” happen.

Instead, we will prepare your caravan for collection on your chosen day and have it ready for you on our caravan collection area.
You will, however, receive the code to the main automatic site gate – this will enable you to access the collection/drop-off area 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week

What sort of work can I do on my caravan?
If you would like to perform some minor repairs to your caravan during the week, we offer free access to electricity, water and compressed air. Furthermore, if you use a mobile mechanic to service your caravan you are welcome to have them service it directly at our site.